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Ankle Immobiliser With Lace

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Ankle Immobiliser with Lace is a versatile orthopedic device designed to provide optimal ankle support and comfort during recovery. Specifically crafted for post-injury rehabilitation or surgical procedures, this immobilizer ensures stability with its adjustable lace-up design. Made from durable, breathable materials, it offers reliable immobilization without compromising comfort. The lace-up feature allows for a customizable fit, promoting proper alignment and reducing movement to facilitate healing. Enhance your recovery journey with the Ankle Immobiliser with Lace, a trusted aid in ankle rehabilitation and comfort.

  • Anatomically designed  rigid PE splint ensures better mediolateral stabilization and ankle immobilization
  • Lace design for easy and comfortable fit
  • Hook and loop closure for better immobilization
  • Sleek lightweight and bilateral design, can be used inside the shoe for either ankle


  • Recommended for ankle injury rehabilitation / immobilisation for mild to  moderate sprains and strains
  • Prophylactic use: Support for chronically weak ankles


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