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Dyna Arm Sling Neo


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Dyna Arm Sling Neo, the ultimate solution for comprehensive arm support and recovery. Engineered with premium materials, this innovative sling provides unparalleled comfort and stability for injured arms, promoting optimal healing and mobility. Designed for versatility, it offers adjustable features to accommodate various arm sizes and injuries, ensuring a customized fit for every user. Whether recuperating from fractures, sprains, or post-surgery, our Arm Sling Neo delivers superior support, allowing you to confidently navigate your daily activities with ease. Experience the next level of arm care and comfort with the Arm Sling Neo.

Wide and long shoulder strap with comfort sleeve padding and added wrist support Hook and loop closures for easy application Intended use of the product Support and stabilize the injured shoulder/arm or arm in a plaster cast Holds the arm in position during healing of fractures and soft tissue injuries.

Ideal support for soft tissue, bone & ligament injuries of forearm and wrist Effective aid for conservative treatment of forearm fractures As an additional support post plaster cast in case of fracture

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