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AgFix UltraMax


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AgFix ULTRAMAX is a highly effective silver dressing that has been developed for heavily exuding venous ulcers. This dressing has a remarkable absorption capacity of 150ML and is designed to provide excellent antimicrobial action with sustained silver ion release. It has broad spectrum antimicrobial properties that are capable of killing MRSA, VRE, and EColi, providing additional protection against infections.

AgFix ULTRAMAX is made with high-quality material that exhibits remarkable absorbency with excellent fluid-wicking ability. This enables the dressing to instantly convert liquid to gel, which minimizes maceration. In addition to its absorbency, the AgFix ULTRAMAX also features pressure offloading capabilities, thanks to its ability to absorb skeletal shock and redistribute it.

Another notable feature of this dressing is its low adherence to wounds, which makes it much easier and less painful to remove than many other dressings. This reduces pain during dressing removal and does not disrupt the growth of granulation tissue.

AgFix ULTRAMAX is available in a convenient size of 10cm x 10cm, making it a practical solution for many types of ulcers.

In addition to AgFix ULTRAMAX, there are two other variants of the AgFix dressing available, namely AgFix Ultra and AgFix Foam.

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