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Diabetic Socks – Progaiit

Why do Diabetics need to wear Socks?

Diabetes affect multiple body systems including the feet. Diabetic patients may suffer from a condition called neuropathy which manifests as a loss of sensation, reduced blood circulation and delayed wound healing. Neuropathic patients may not be able to perceive pain, pressure or variations in temperature. Because of this, small scratches and/or abrasions may go unnoticed. A minor wound that is not attended to may be infected, resulting in an ulcer and eventually amputation. Additionally, because of poor blood circulation, injuries in diabetic patients take longer to heal.

Using Progaiit Diabetic Socks is therefore a proactive step towards reducing the chances of infection by avoiding injuries in the first place.

Progaiit Socks are also non-constricting and do not impede blood circulation.


The Silver fiber in these socks forms a safety barrier which protects your feet from infection causing bacteria all day, every day. Silver protection for diabetic feet:

  • Kills 99.9% infection causing bacteria within an hour. This has been certified by several external labs.
  • The silver fiber in Progaiit Socks destroys odour causing bacteria that usually thrive within ordinary socks. Therefore your feet will not smell even after wearing these socks for many hours.
  • Conducts heat and maintains an even foot temperature
  • The special properties of the material will not wash off or wear off (tested up to 100 washes)
  • Helps maintain better foot health and hygiene
  • Promotes blood circulation and reduces swelling
  • Protects the feet from scratches or abrasions which are unlikely to go unnoticed by a diabetes patients


Progaiit Socks are available in 3 variants:
  1. Outdoor socks – regular socks for use with a shoe or other footwear when outside the house
  2. Indoor socks these have a well-padded plantar region (i.e sole) and hence can be used inside the house. Due to social norms, people in India are reluctant to wear footwear inside the house. However, this leaves the feet vulnerable to injuries. Wearing Indoor socks at all times protects the feet.
  3. Ulcer-shield socks – these socks have pure-silver-filament in the plantar (sole) region) to provide maximum protection from infection-causing bacteria


One size fits most

Colours available: Natural Silver, Black, Brown, Blue

Please note that Progaiit Silver Socks do not cure diabetes or control the progress of diabetes  or mitigate the symptoms of diabetes. 
The information provided on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Your doctor is the person best qualified to advise you on the right product for your specific condition.