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Cervical Traction Kit can be used in case of neck pain. Usage of the kit can:

  • Reduce compressive forces in the neck
  • Reduce pressure on the disks
  • Relieve pressure on compressed nerves
  • The physician will specify the weight to be used, the time for which the traction has to be applied and the frequency of traction.

The Home Cervical Traction has the following parts:

  • Foam padded chin and occipital pads for comfort during traction
  • Plastic cords as connection to the spreader bar
  • Over door Hanger, acts as a pulley for suspending weight in sitting position. This makes it convenient to use the kit even at home
  • Water bag to act as the weight

Available in Universal size

Size Available
Circumference of the neck




Universal (For neck circumference of 30-46cm)

Directions for use

Secure the overhead hanger

Place the chin and occipital pads in the chin and occipital region respectively

Pull the cords and apply weight at the end of the cord by using a bed traction pulley/apparatus


For providing appropriate degree of traction to the cervical region at home/clinics/nursing home

As part of management of degenerative or inflammatory diseases at the cervical region( like spondylosis)

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