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Shoulder Abduction Splint

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Dyna Shoulder Abduction Splint is ideal for functional treatment of post-operative and post-traumatic conditions of shoulder or arm. It is designed to provide abduction of 30, 60 & 90 degrees.


  • Soft and breathable support pad which can be worn on both sides of the body
  • Soft straps with adjustable hook and loop closures
  • Adjustable abduction wedge for functional shoulder positioning at 30, 60 & 90-degree angles
  • Padded Humerus and Wrist-Hand resting splints to hold the arm comfortably
  • Adjustable abdominal wrap and a shoulder strap to hold the abduction splint in position
  • Adjustable abduction wedge for positioning shoulder joint in the desired angle

Intended Use:

  • Conditions after anterior shoulder dislocation
  • Post-operative immobilisation of the shoulder

Size Chart

Measure your height to select the correct size of Shoulder Abduction Splint.

Size Small Medium Large
Height in Inches 58.5-64.5 64.5-68.5 >68.5

Instructions for use

  • Seek the help of an experienced person for application
  • Apply the support pad towards the injured /operated shoulder side
  • Wrap the hook and loop closure around the abdomen and fix it comfortably
  • Rest your hand on the hand rest of the support pad and fix the straps on the hand rest
  • Attach the extra shoulder hook and loop closure on the front of the pad and apply towards the opposite shoulder and fix it on the back of the pad
  • Apply the Wedge below the hand rest and adjust according to the ankle requirements

The following video shows the correct way to apply the Splint.


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