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Progaiit Silver Socks

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Progaiit Silver Socks protect sensitive feet of patients of neuropathy and reduce changes of infection by avoiding injury in the first place.

Disclaimer – Progaiit Silver Socks are only an additional protection for the feet and not a substitute for other medication. There is no claim to cure or reduce any symptoms of diabetes.

Why do Diabetics need to wear Socks?

Diabetes affect multiple body systems including the feet. Diabetic patients may suffer from a condition called neuropathy which manifests as a loss of sensation, reduced blood circulation and delayed wound healing. Neuropathic patients may not be able to perceive pain, pressure or variations in temperature. Because of this, small scratches or abrasions on the feet may go unnoticed. A minor wound that is not attended to may be infected, resulting in an ulcer and eventually amputation. Additionally, because of poor blood circulation, injuries in diabetic patients take longer to heal.

Progaiit Socks are also non-constricting and do not impede blood circulation.

  • Excellent option for diabetic patients to reduce the risk of injury caused by walking bare foot at home
  • Well padded and double cushioned cotton at the feet gives a cushioning effect, absorbs sweat and provides warmth
  • Silver yarn + cotton for protection and comfort
  • Silver kills 99.9% infection causing bacteria within an hour
  •  Anti-odour – The silver fibre in Progaiit Socks destroys odour causing bacteria that usually thrive within ordinary socks
  • Anti-itch
  • Conducts heat and maintains an even foot temperature
  • The special properties of the silver material will not  wear off even after multiple washes


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Available Colour: Black

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