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Dyna Wrap Around Wrist Brace


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DYNA Wrap Around Wrist Brace is designed to provide effective assistance for individuals experiencing wrist injuries or conditions that require immobilization. The brace is made with a combination of durable materials, including a prominent aluminum stay integrated into the design. This aluminum stay adds rigidity and support to the brace, enhancing its ability to restrict excessive wrist movement and promote proper alignment. DYNA Wrap Around Wrist Brace is universal in size, allowing for a customized fit to accommodate various wrist sizes and shapes. It is secured with a strong hook & loop, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit while maintaining the necessary stability. The aluminum stay specifically targets the wrist joint, offering additional reinforcement to protect against hyperextension or excessive flexion, which can be crucial during the recovery process. DYNA Wrap Around Wrist Brace with aluminum stay, makes it an effective and versatile solution for individuals seeking support and protection for their wrist injuries or conditions.

Aluminium stay: The Aluminium stay provides structural support and stability to the wrist, restricting excessive movement and promoting proper alignment during the health process.

Adjustable Design: The design allows for a customizable fit to accommodate various wrist sizes and shapes.

Easy Application : User Friendly design with straight forward application and removal procedures for convenience

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Left Hand Universal, Right Hand Universal

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