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Dyna N95 Mask (Particulate Respirator)

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Dyna N95 Mask (Particulate Respirator) with Elastic Ear Loop

  • Conforms to FFP2 standards
  • Particle Filtration efficiency ≥95
  • Bacterial Filtration efficiency ≥98 %
  • 5 Layer Filtration
  • Fluid Resistant

Features of Dyna N95 Mask (Particulate Respirator)

  • Contoured design for snug fit
  • Flat-fold, easy to store design with wide facial area accommodates facial movement for wearer comfort
  • Adjustable nose clips allows for a custom fit and reduces eye wear fogging
  • Ultrasonic welded dual point attachment provides secure heal
  • Mouldable nose clip for perfect fit and secure seal
  • Elastic ear strap for comfortable wearing
  • Individual hygienic packaging helps to protect the respirator from contamination before use


  • Protection against infectious agents transmitted through droplets or airborne
  • Prevents the wearer from contaminating the environment by
    reduced emission of infectious agents from nose and mouth
  • Reduces risk of spread of infections particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations

Instructions for use

  • Stretch both the ear loops and position them around the ears
  • Conform the nose clip to the shape your nose
  • Check for tightness by cupping both hands over the respirator
  • Adjust the ear loops, nose clips or the respirator, if required for a comfortable fit
  • Avoid touching the respirator while using it, if you do, perform proper hand hygiene
  • For use against solid aerosols only


  • Strictly follow user instructions
  • Does not use if you cannot achieve proper fit
  • Do not use for protection against gases, vapour, oil aerosols, asbestos, arsenic, cadmium, lead of in an atmosphere containing less than 19% Oxygen
  • Failure to follow the user instructions and limitation  on the use of this respiration and/or failure to wear this respirator all the times of exposure can reduce respirator effectiveness and lead to illness, injury, or death
  • Perform proper hand hygiene before wearing the respirator and after removing it
  • Replace the respirator after using it for 8 hours or when it become dirty, damaged or difficult to breathe through
  • If the respirator becomes damaged or breathing becomes difficult, leave the contaminated area, discard and replace the respirator
  • Do not use the respirator with beard, other facial hair or any other conditions that may prevent a good facial-seal



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