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Cotton Varicose Vein Stockings

Varicose Vein Stockings are meant to be worn throughout the day, to get the maximum benefit.

Sometimes patients have difficulty complying with this requirement due to the discomfort of wearing the stocking for a long time.

Varicose Vein stockings were originally made in Europe. Nylon yarn was used for this purpose since in the colder countries, this was more comfortable.

In hot weather conditions of India, Cotton is the preferred fiber for varicose vein stockings, as it is for clothes.

Comprezon is proud to be the first company to manufacture Cotton varicose vein stockings in India !  This makes it very comfortable for patients to wear the stockings for the entire day.

Earlier some brands of Cotton stocking were imported from abroad but there were extremely expensive. In contrast, Comprezon Cotton stockings are only about half the price of the imported brands.





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