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Varicose Vein Stockings – Comprezon

Varicose Vein Stockings – Comprezon

Varicose Vein Stockings are used to relieve the symptoms and progression of varicose veins. Compression treatment is regarded as the most effective, non-invasive,treatment for varicose vein.

Cause of Varicose Veins

The heart pumps blood down to the legs through the arteries. The deoxygenated blood needs to be pumped back from the legs to the heart through the veins. In a healthy person, the calf muscles act as a pump for this purpose. The veins have valves to ensure that the blood does not flow back down due to gravity. If these valves become weak, blood accumulates in the veins of the leg leading to varicose veins.


How do Varicose Vein Stockings help?

Varicose Vein Stockings provide controlled compression to the legs to squeeze the veins thereby ensuring the normal back flow of blood towards the heart.

Varicose Vein Stockings put maximum pressure on the veins at the ankle level and gradually delivers less tension as it stretches over the knee and towards the thigh.The pressure profile that is 100% at the ankle, 70% at the calf and 40% at the thigh. As a result, blood is forced along its natural course up the leg despite the damage to the veins (since a fluid flows from a higher pressure area to a lower pressure area).


Size Selection

Selection of the right Size, Style and Class is absolutely critical to the treatment of varicose veins. Only your doctor can recommend which style and class is appropriate for you.  

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL

Styles: AD, AF, AG, AT
AD – upto Knee; AF – upto mid-thigh; AG – upto groin ; AT – upto thigh

Comprezon Classes: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3

Class is an indication of the maximum pressure applied by the stocking. Pressure is measured in “mm of mercury” or mmHg.

  • Class 1 – applies 18 – 21 mmHg pressure at the ankle
  • Class 2 – applies 23 – 32 mmHg pressure at the ankle
  • Class 3 – applies 32 – 46 mmHg pressure at the ankle


Why is Comprezon the best choice in Varicose Vein Stockings?

* Comprezon is made using specialised European machinery to provide ACCURATE and GRADUATED compression

* Comprezon is made to European standards

* Comprezon provides international quality at almost half the price (MRP) of imported stockings.

* Other “stockings” manufactured in India are either “stitched” or “ tubular garments”. These cannot provide graduated and accurate compression. Graduated compression that is essential to ensure blood flows back up the leg. Incorrect pressure gradients may result in worsening the patient’s condition.

* Comprezon uses imported technical yarns to ensure quality, durability and skin friendliness

* Unlike cheap lookalikes, Comprezon retains its pressure gradient over many months of use.

* Available throughout the country via 2000 distributors

* Well-trained field staff throughout the country to answer any questions you may have



Comprezon is available in 3 variants

  • Comprezon Classic with Nylon
  • Comprezon Cotton. Is cotton-rich and keeps you comfortable in hot weather
  • Comprezon Silver. The anti-microbial properties of silver ensure there is no odor even if the stockings are worn for a long time
Video of application of Varicose Vein Stockings

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Your doctor is the person best qualified to advise you on the right product for your specific condition.