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Maternity Socks – Mummy Feet


The extra weight formed during a healthy pregnancy and the vulnerability of lactating mothers to venous problems often result in tired and aching legs. Also swelling in feet and ankles are very common during pregnancy. Most expecting mothers find it difficult to bear the foot pain that cones with pregnancy.

With Mummy Feet Maternity Socks foot problems during pregnancy are not a problem anymore

Wearing specialized compression socks during pregnancy is a medically effective way to relieve your tired, aching, heavy and swollen feet.

  • The principle behind Mummy Feet is graduated compression therapy
  • Mummy Feet provide graduated compression which is more around the ankle and reduces up the legs
  • This provides a massaging effect easing the normal blood flow in the legs
  • This reduces swelling and provides a massaging effect to the legs
  • Effective in reducing the possibility of Pregnancy Varicoses and DVT


Size specifications of Mummy Feet Maternity Socks

Circumference Measurement around ankleX-SmallSmallMediumLargeX-Large
Ankle circumference16-1919-2323-2626-2929-31

Selecting the required size after taking correct measurement is very crucial in getting the desired result


Available styles: Open toe,Closed toe
Colour: Beige, White