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Frog Splint – Dyna


For distal finger joint injuries, the best position for healing is keeping the finger straight. Frog Splint keeps the Distal Interphalangeal Joint (nearest finger tip) in a position of extension (straight), while allowing the joint closest to the knuckle (Proximal Interphalangeal joint) to bend and straighten.


The Dyna Frog Splint is made of,
  • Plastic coated malleable aluminium with polyurethane foam padding for extra comfort to finger.
  • Allows self application because of unique 4 legged design.
  • Suitable for mallet finger and swan neck deformity

Features and Benefits of DynaFrog Splint
  • Sleek, simple and light in weight
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Close fitting and excellent grip


Size specifications of Dyna Frog Splint 
Circumference Measurement around wristSizeSmallMediumLarge
Wrist circumferenceIn cm5-77-99-11
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