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Unipore Premeable Non-Woven Surgical Synthetic Adhesive Tape


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Unipore  Premeable Non-Woven Surgical Synthetic Adhesive Tape, a trusted solution for wound care in medical settings. Crafted with precision, this tape is specifically designed for surgical and medical applications. Its non-woven construction ensures breathability while providing a secure adhesive bond. Ideal for use on sensitive skin, it offers gentle removal without causing discomfort. Whether for wound dressings, surgical procedures, or securing medical devices, our adhesive tape provides reliable performance and peace of mind. Elevate your wound care protocols with our premium-quality Premeable Non-Woven Surgical Synthetic Adhesive Tape.

  • Breathable material allows air circulation and reduces the risk of site contamination
  • • Conformable to the body contours
  • • Hypo-allergenic adhesive is gentle on the skin and allows painless removal

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1.25 cm * 9M, 2.50 cm * 9M, 5.00 cm * 9M, 7.50 cm * 9M

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