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Newmom Delivery Kit Essentials Basics

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Giving birth to a child is the most joyful thing ever. While it can be exciting, it can also be an overwhelming experience. Being a mother has its Joy as well as its misgivings. There are many things that are going to keep you worried during and after your pregnancy days, which is why we came up with products that keep you comfortable and worry-free during the most blissful moments of your life.

Enjoy the perks of being a mom in utmost Comfort with NewMom !!!

What’s inside?

# Newmom Disposable Maternity Pads

Longer, wider, and much more absorbent NewMom Maternity Pads

MAXIPAD – For the first 3 days after the delivery when the flow is maximum

MEDIPAD – From the 4th day onwards, for reduced flow

#Newmom Disposable Maternity Pad Fixator

NewMom Disposable Pad Fixator is specially designed to hold the pads gently and discreetly. The stretchable fabric is comfortable to wear after a Cesarean section, as it can be worn either below or above the scar.

Pack of 5 Disposable Pad Fixators


# Newmom Seamless Nursing Bra

New Mom Nursing Bras are designed to support your breasts whilst also permitting comfortable breastfeeding without the need to remove the bra.


  • Easy-to-open bra cups that can be opened with one hand for discreet, undisturbed breast feeding
  • Wide front opening provides plenty of room for your baby to feed comfortably
  • Wide, adjustable shoulder straps and back straps with 3 hook & eye closures comfortably support the breast as they become fuller and more sensitive
  • Double-layered cups with knitted in reinforcement band below the breasts for added support and lift
  • Adapts to the changing breast size at all times. Seamless material is perfect for sensitive skin

Size Chart

(Take the band size and bust size. And then take the difference between the bust size and band size. This difference represents cup size)

#Newmom Elastic Abdominal Corset 4 Panel

Newmom Elastic Abdominal Corset with 4 Panels has a special elastic that permits closure at any point on the circumference of the binder. This allows you to continue using the product even once your abdomen shrinks by a few inches. The belt can also be folded from 4 panels to 3 panels to get the width that fits you most comfortably.

When to use the Newmom Elastic Abdominal Corset with 4 Panels

  • Newmom Elastic Abdominal Corset with 4 Panels will provide support and compression to the abdominal muscles, thereby improving blood flow, resulting in faster healing of the incision and reducing the surgical site’s swelling.
  • The abdominal belt reduces pain in the area around the surgical incision during laughing or
    coughing as well.
  • The Binder will stay in place without bunching or slipping and still let you move
    and function throughout the day.
  • The belt can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to suit each patient’s needs and anatomy.

Size: Universal

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