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Lively Days Period Panties

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Lively Days Period panties with generous leg opening securely holds pad and ensures worry free movement and effective leakage control. With an open-knit breathable fabric for comfortable wear all day long.

period panty

A period is kind of hassle. It can make us feel a little more self-conscious. Feeling the need to adjust your routine activities along with the pain, irritation, mood swings and hygiene issues can make the days messy, awkward, and distracting.

Apart from this, the need to ensure menstrual hygiene along with continuing with the daily routine such as going to school, going to work, or doing household chores makes things worse.

That’s why we have developed the new Lively Days Hygiene Care Products to move with you.

How often have you experienced the discomfort, irritation, and hygiene issues that result from wearing regular panties during periods?

Think of the amount of time you have taken to clean the messy stains?

Haven’t you ever wished for a comfortable, clean, and hygienic alternative during these stressful days?

If so Lively Days Disposable Period Panties is the answer to all your period problems

  • Securely holds pad and ensures worry free movement and effective leakage control
  • Generous leg openings for enhanced comfortable
  • Breathable fabric that leaves you feeling fresh for hours


Can do away with washing



Allows for air circulation

Provides 100% freshness



Soft, non-constricting fabric


No Waist Band

Soft band do not leave any marks on skin


Revolutionary  Trunk Design

Generous leg openings offer plenty of room to maximize comfort


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Lively Days


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