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Elastic Abdominal Corset 4 Panels

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Newmom Elastic Abdominal Corset with 4 Panels has a special elastic that permits closure at any point on the circumference of the binder. This allows you to continue using the product even once your abdomen shrinks by a few inches. The belt can also be folded from 4 panels to 3 panels to get the width that fits you most comfortably.

Extra Wide Design              Vertical Size Adjustment           Comfort Fit

Newmom Abdominal Corset with 4 Panels provide ideal support to the abdominal muscles and also accelerates the recovery. Apart from controlling the sagging of the abdominal muscles, it also helps in maintaining a trim waistline. It’s an ideal post-delivery and post-operative aid to strengthen weakened abdominal walls.

  • Hook compatible elastic permits a closure at any point on the circumference of the binder
  • Four-panel design help in vertical size adjustments and reduce rolling
  • Made of full elastic, soft material to provide comfort and flexibility
  • Ideal for providing compression and support for strains and weakness of the abdominal area
  • Supports weakened abdominal muscles post-surgery/delivery

Features of the Newmom Elastic Abdominal Corset with 4 Panels

Extra-wide Design: Extra width will allow the binder to wrap around the entire abdomen and stay in place without rolling or shifting when moving around.

Comfort-fit: Abdominal Binder will fit around your waist comfortably and conforms to your curves without restricting your movement

Universal Size Design: Both length and width can be adjusted

When to use the Newmom Elastic Abdominal Corset with 4 Panels

  • Newmom Elastic Abdominal Corset with 4 Panels will provide support and compression to the abdominal muscles thereby improving blood flow resulting in faster healing of the incision and reduces the swelling of the surgical site.
  • The abdominal belt reduces pain in the area around the surgical incision during laughing or
    coughing as well.
  • The Binder will stay in place without bunching or slipping and still let you move
    and function throughout the day.
  • The belt can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to suit each patient’s needs and anatomy.


  • Post Maternity
  • Mild low-back pain
  • Post Surgery

Size Available

Universal (For hip circumference of 70 cm – 130 cm)


Additional information


Universal Size(For hip circumference of 70 cm -130 cm)

Country of Origin

Made in India

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