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Dyna Thoraco Lumbar Brace Nova


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Thoraco Lumbar Appliance Nova gives support to the thoracic spine and helps straighten the curve.

Kyphosis or forward rounding of your upper back and other problems like T.B of the spine, in, most cases, require some amount of external support for better stabilisation of the thoracic spine.

Features of Thoraco Lumbar Appliance

  • Made of manmade fabric reinforced with aluminium which is light weight & durable
  • Anatomically contoured and well padded for maximum patient comfort
  • Anterior elastic corset for better fitting
  • Hook and loop closure for easy application and removal
  • Maintains spine in neutral position and permits ease of movement


  • Kyphosis
  • T.B of spine
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stable fracture of thoraco lumbar spine The posterior thoracic extension provides better stabilisation of thoracic spine

Instructions for Use:

  • Apply the posterior extension in the thoracic region for stabilisation of thoracic spine.
  • Secure the hook and loop closure in the front.
  • Then adjust the shoulder straps to correct the shoulder posture.

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