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Dyna Sweat Band with Silver


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A must-have for all fitness freaks, Dyna Sweat Band wicks away the stinging sweat off the face to keep you feeling clean and fresh. POWER OF SILVER Combines the properties of 99.9% pure Silver fiber and the comfort of Aeromax cotton Silver is a natural anti-microbial agent which kills 99.9% of bacteria thereby preventing skin irritation and bad odor. The anti-odor property of silver ensures that the band doesn’t smell. Silver properties will not wash or wear off- last for the life of the product HIGH-QUALITY AEROMAX COTTON Absorbs the sweat and dries quickly Allows you to stay fresh even during a high-intensity workout VERSATILE Perfect for gym training, running, hiking, and all kinds of sports activities

UNIVERSAL SIZE Perfectly sized for both men and women NON-SLIP, DURABLE ELASTIC MATERIAL Does not loosen up Maintains elasticity even after repeated washes

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