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Dyna Mastectomy Bra


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Dyna Mastectomy Bra

  • Integrated pockets for inserting the breast prosthesis
  • Double-layered cups with knitted & reinforced bands below the breasts for added support & lift
  • Wide, adjustable shoulder straps and back straps with 3 hook and eye closures comfortably support the breasts
  • Seamless material is perfect for sensitive skin


  1. Comfort: After a mastectomy, your body will be sensitive and healing. Opt for soft, breathable stretch fabrics like cotton or modal. Look for seamless designs that won’t irritate sensitive surgery sites. Comfort is crucial during this time.
  2. Support: A mastectomy bra should provide excellent support, especially in the months following surgery. Consider bras with wide, padded straps to distribute weight evenly and aid in healing.
  3. Adjustability: Bras with front clasps and longer bands are easier to fasten and adjust, especially if you’re experiencing discomfort or limited mobility after surgery
  4. Purpose: After breast surgery, the shape of the breast is significantly altered. A mastectomy bra helps address these changes by providing a secure solution and a visually balanced approach to the new shape. It can help you feel more confident in your clothes.
  5. Hidden Pockets: Mastectomy bras have pockets in both cups (bilaterally pocketed). These pockets are designed to hold breast prostheses or forms, which can be inserted as needed.


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