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Dyna Leg Traction Belt


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The Leg Traction Belt is a revolutionary solution for leg injury treatment, providing targeted support and comfort during the recovery process. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this belt offers a seamless experience for individuals seeking relief from leg-related ailments.

  • Non-adhesive leg traction belt consists of foam-lined stirrup attachment, straps, and cords
  • Non-slip foam is ideal for delicate or sensitive skins
  • A long retaining strap provides secure fixation to all sizes of limb


  • Can be used for both above and below-knee application after injury and surgery

Size: Universal

Experience the difference with the Leg Traction Belt, your partner in achieving a faster and smoother recovery from leg injuries. Embrace comfort, stability, and effective support with every step.

Instructions for Use

The following video shows the correct way to the traction.

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