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Dyna Dementia Restraint Glove – Universal


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Dyna Medical Restraint Glove is mesh which is breathable and the super thick sponge filling on the palm area is soft to keep comfort for patients even after a long time of wearing, it can be circulate air and avoid sweating during use. The hand restraints glove is very usable to prevent patients from accidents and self-mutilation, the glove can fit both left and right hand. It’s really can relief the work pressure for caregivers. ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE CLOSURE For Easy Application. FINGER ZIPPER IS CONVENIENT For Measuring Blood Oxygen. BREATHABLE MESH DESIGN Prevent Perspiration and Avoid Infection. SOFT & CUSHIONED PALMS Protect Patients & Caregivers from Injury.

Hand Control: Hand restraint mitts can temporarily control the hand activities of patients, prevent patients from accidents and ensure safety.

Safety Protection: Safety restraint gloves can protect patients and caretakers from accidents, self injury, finger , and finger harm, etc.

Easy Wear: Hand Restraint Gloves with no finger separators and no left or right design, so it’s convenient and easy to wear by both hands.

Suitable Crowds: Restraint mitts suitable for elderly people who are at risk of falling, mental disorders and patients who have the tendency to hurt themselves or others.

Breathable Fabric: Restraint gloves using high quality composite film, adopted breathable mesh design, effective prevent perspiration and avoid .

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