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Artificial Breast Prosthesis-Dyna


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Dyna Artificial Breast Prosthesis is a silicone artificial breast to replace the breast post-mastectomy. It fits in a bra cup with or without a bra pocket.

Many women wonder how they will cope if they have lost all or part of a breast after surgery. Wearing a prosthesis can be an effective long-term choice for this problem. A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast form. It can be fitted inside a bra cup to replace all or part of the breast that has been removed. Dyna Breast Prosthesis is made from soft silicone moulded to resemble the natural shape of a woman’s breast. Wearing this allows you to feel like yourself again – confident and comfortable. Never let cancer steal away your looks, use Dyna Breast Prosthesis and start enjoying the activities you loved, once again.

Features of Dyna Artificial Breast Prosthesis:

  • Made of high-quality soft silicone gel
  • Resembles natural-looking breast with raised nipples
  • Soft, comfortable, and easy to use
  • Odorless, washable, and durable


  • After mastectomy
  • For ladies who want to increase their breast size without the cost and risk of surgery

Size Chart

Select the size of the Breast Prosthesis (S/M/L/XL) based on the bra size as per the following chart.

Artificial Breast Size Chart

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