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Dyna Ankle Immobiliser


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The Dyna Ankle Immobiliser has hard-shells and soft inner padding for cases where total immobilisation of the ankle joint is required.

Ankle is the region where foot and leg meets. Being one of the overused joint it is at the risk of injuries like ligament tear, strain and sprain which most commonly result from twisting, stretching and slipping.


Features of the Dyna Ankle Immobiliser:

  • Semi-rigid anatomically designed shells for protection, immobilisation and comfort of ankle joint
  • Inside padding for comfort and better stability
  • Streamlined fit in shoes for weight-bearing
  • Acute capsular ligament injuries of ankle joint
  • Prevent inversion and eversion
  • Chronic instability of ankle joint
  • Post operative rehabilitation of ankle joint
Size : One Size Fits Most

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