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It is a complete immobilizer with
increased length.The anat-omically
contoured posterior bars and medio-
lateralbars ensure better immobilization.
Increased length of the product offers extra
stability. Innolife Knee Immobiliser is
easy to adjust and easy to remove.
It comes with a wrap around
design and opposing Velcro
straps for better fit.


Dyna Knee Immobilizer
Deluxe is a unique and
complete 3 panel orthopedic
knee immobilizer. This is designed
to ensure that the product gives the
desired immobilization with bulk dressing
immediately after the surgery and gives
the same immobilization once the bulk
dressing is removed.It features a
universal design and can be
used on both the right
and left knee


Dyna Innolife Knee immobilizer
is made of soft form. The anatomically
designed posterior bars are metallic and
the design gives the desired immobilization
or bracing expected from a knee brace used for
maximum immobilization of knee. The metallic
medio-lateral bars ensure better stability
for the knee which has undergone a surgery
or a trauma. The two way opposing Velcro
straps provides almost 100% knee


The two panel adjustable
design is for adjusting the size
of Knee immobiliser to provide maximum
immobilization for different sizes and different
type of dressings. The design allows easy
application and removal. The design
also makes the product suitable
for both post-operative and
recovery phase.


Dyna offers two variation of knee immobiliser
Dyna Innolife knee immobiliser (45cm)
Dyna Innolife knee immobiliser long (55cm)

Size Available
Circumference of the knee

size 3


Directions for use

Place the product on the posterior side of the leg, with the wider portion in the thigh region.

wrap the product around the leg and make sure that the oval shaped opening comes exactly in the patellar region.

Fasten the velcros just above and below the patella and then fasten the remaining velcros.


For complete immobilisation post injury and surgery

As an aid for independent walking for people with knee instability

Act as support for inadequate knee joint function in chilidren

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