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What are the options for non-surgical treatment of Varicose Veins

Following are the non-surgical treatment methods adopted in the treatment of varicose veins,

Leg elevation & exercises
Wearing Graduated Compression Stockings
Ultrasound guided foam Sclerotherapy
Endovenous thermal ablation
Leg elevation & exercises: Leg elevation and exercise often provides temporary symptomatic relief. Wearing Graduated Compression Stockings: Wearing graduated compression stockings with variable pressure gradients (Class I, II & III) has proven to reduce swelling and improve blood circulation thereby stops the progression of the condition. The pressure grades and the styles (below knee or above knee) should be selected under the supervision of the doctor. Varicose vein patient are advised to wear graduated compression stockings even after any surgical or non-surgical treatment methods. Apart from controlling the progression of varicose veins compression stockings will prevent the re-occurrence of varicose vein problem. Ultrasound guided foam Sclerotherapy The procedure involves injecting foam into the affected veins to inject and destroy the affected veins. The procedure is usually done on either the long saphenous vein on the inside of your thigh or the short saphenous vein on the back side of the calf muscle. After the procedure the patient will be advised to wear a graduated compression stockings. Endovenous thermal ablation The procedure involves passing a probe into the affected vein to heat up and seal the vein from inside using Laser rays or Radio Frequency waves. Endovenous Thermal ablation done using Laser rays is known as Endovenous Laser Ablation and that using Radio Frequency is known as Endovenous RF Ablation. Patient is advised to wear graduated compression stockings for a certain period. ClariVein® Clarivein is minimally invasive methord used to treat varicose veins using anesthetic. The procedure involves inserting a rotating catheter into the vein and releasing a drug to seal it from inside. After the procedure compression stocking will be applied to the leg.

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