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Foot-care Tips for Diabetics

Inspect foot daily. Check your cuts, blisters, redness, swelling or nail problems. Use a magnifying hand mirror to look at the bottom of your feet. Consult your doctor if you notice anything unusual.

Wash your foot with lukewarm (not hot) water. Keep you foot by washing them daily. But you should use only a lukewarm water-the temperature you would use on a new born baby.

Cut nails carefully. Also, file the edges. Don’t cut them too short, since this could lead to ingrown toe nails.

Get periodic foot exam. See your podiatric foot and ankle surgeon on a regular basis for an examination to prevent the foot complications of diabetics

Do not walk barefoot. Wear footwear even at home. You may step on sharp objects and get a scratch or cut

Do not sit with legs crossed. It reduce the blood circulation to the foot

Use correct footwear. Choose your footwear after consulting your doctor. Always wear footwear with loose cotton socks.

Take care of your diabetes. Keep your blood sugar levels under control

Don’t smoke. Smoking restricts blood flow in your foot

Don’t trim corns or calluses. No “bathroom surgery”-let your doctor do the job

Don’t apply heating or cooling pads to legs. Diabetic patient cannot sense the actual temperature so it may damage the skin.

Do not walk with ulcer in the foot. Walking with ulcer foot will delay the healing process since it requires pressure offloading.

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