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Features of ideal footwear for diabetic patients

As per the recommendations by American medical podiatry association an ideal diabetic footwear requires the following features.

Footwear should have Wide Toe Box for free movement of toes otherwise toes may get injured by the footwear itself

Strong Heel Counter for stability in the heel region will prevent the slip down of the footwear.

Tough but Light-weight Outer Soles absorb the plantar pressure and limit motion of painful joints

Footwear requires Velcro closures which will help to adjust the size and deformities in the foot. Metal buckles should not be used.

Well padded inner surface protects the foot from injury due to friction between foot and footwear

Footwear should have an insole with 9mm of thickness and a hardness of 20 shore for distributing the pressure evenly

Progaiit Footwear has these features.

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