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Dyna Back Support Belt (DS)

Lumbo Sacral Belt(also called Lumbo Sacral Corset) is a spinal support widely used for patients suffering from low back pain due to various conditions. It is estimated that about 80% of people will suffer from back pain at some time in their life. Of that about 40% of the cases involve the lower back. A good Lumbo Sacral support often gives relief in such cases.

Dyna DS Back Support ensures comfort while stabilizing the spine and improving posture. It is designed for the prevention and protection of lower back with reinforced support and fastening. It protects and supports your lower back while lifting or moving heavy objects at work or during daily activities. Dyna DS Back Belt also helps in recovering from a pre-existing injury.

Dyna Back Support Belt (DS) 2
  • Elastic supports on both sides of snug fit
  • Front and back panels are made of soft foam for comfort
  • Hook & loop closures for easy application and removal
  • Two additional straps for reinforcement
  • Double stitching on the edges for durability
Dyna Back Support Belt (DS) 3

Available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and XXX-Large sizes.

Size Available
Circumference of the Hip

In cms70-8080-9090-100100-110110-120120-130

Directions for use

Ensure that correct measurement is taken

Ensure that the two rigid bars are on either side of spine while applying the belt

Make sure that the Hook & loop comes in the front

Fasten the Hook & loop neither too loose nor too tight

Finally apply the additional elastic straps


As  a reminder of position

Chronic low back pain and strain

Osteoporotic pain in the lumbo sacral region

Degenerative Lumbar Disc Disease

Post surgical lumbo sacral immobilisation
eg: Discectomy

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