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Tubular Bandage – Tubifix

Tubular Bandage – Tubifix

No tying, no taping…. now bandaging is quicker with TubiFix Elasticated Tubular Bandage.


Features of TubiFix Elasticated Tubular Bandage

1. Provide even and consistent pressure
2. Prevents slipping down in joints
3. Allows full freedom of movement
4. Saves nursing time

Indications for use of TubiFix Elasticated Tubular Bandage

1. Orthopaedic condition to reinforce the muscles to regain normalcy
2. Plastic surgery conditions to retain the dressing with adequate compression
3. Gynaecology conditions to prevent accumulation of fluid

Other applications of TubiFix

Tubifix-Wrist Tubifix-Knee Tubifix-Elbow Tubifix-Ankle

More Details
Product width in cm (available in 1 and 5 meter lengths6.256.757.58.751012

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