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Elbow Crutches- Rehaid


An Elbow Crutch (also called Fore-arm Crutch) helps to transfer load from the legs to the upper body. This is useful for people who cannot use their legs to fully support the weight of their body, due to temporary or permanent disabilities.

The patient stands erect and adjusts the height such that the grip is at the level of the wrist. The patient then inserts the hand through the cuff and holds the grip. The opening in the front allows the hand to slip out in case of a fall.

  • Made of anodised aluminium hence light-weight and rust-proof
  • Total forearm support with nylon cluff
  • Designed as per biomechanical principles for proper weight distribution
  • Plastic sleeves to reduce the friction between upper and lower tube, thus more durable
  • Suction rubber tip for better grip on any surface
  • Telescopic height adjustment to customise the height for individual patients


We also offer a variant called “Rehaid Hinged Elbow Crutches” which has the advantage of permitting angular motion at the elbow.

 Rehaid Hinged Elbow Crutches

Indications for use of Rehaid Elbow Crutches
  • Better support and stability for elderly patients
  • Temporary ambulation with plaster cast
  • Patients using bilateral / unilateral limb orthosis / unilateral limb orthosis
  • Amputees using a prosthesis


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