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Silicone Sheets for Scar Treatment are a US FDA Class 1 device. Doctors have been using these products to address both surgical and burn scars for over 20 years. The sheets are usually 0.6mm thick and are made of Medical-grade silicone.

In 1982, a children’s hospital in Australia was looking for a material which could be used under pressure garments to ensure that pressure was being evenly distributed. It was noticed that where the silicone gel was, the scar improved more rapidly. Following this discovery in Australia, the clinical trials began in the UK, which found that silicone gel was also effective when used alone.

Silicone sheets neutralize the scar’s color and flatten raised scars. A silicone sheet is soft and pliable and adjusts to body contours. They are easy to use is easy. They are hypoallergenic and there have been no reported side effects. They works well on scars caused by burns or surgery regardless of the age of the scar – some studies have shown success even on 20-year-old scars.


How do Silicone Sheets Work?

While the exact mechanism of action is still in debate, Silicone Sheets are thought to work in the following ways :

Hydration – keeping the scar area moist continuously
Occlusive Pressure on the area
Modulation of basic fibroblastic growth factors (bFGF).
Protection of the site from microorganisms and chemicals
Static electric field creation due to friction


Why Scar-Treat Silicone Sheets

Made using European Medical-Grade silicone. Cheaper competitors may use Chinese industrial-grade silicone
Available at half the price of imported European products
More convenient to use than scar creams, especially under clothes
Silicone is bio-compatible and skin-friendly and will not cause allergy
Silicone does not promote growth of any microorganisms at the use site, unlike other substrates
Available in different sizes based on the size of the scar
Can be cut into smaller pieces based on the size of the scar
Can be washed and reused


Silicone sheets are availble in Sizes

6cm x 6cm

12cm x 6cm

15cm x 3cm

Size Available

6cm x 6cm 12cm x 6cm 15cm x 3cm

Directions for use

Wash your hands before use and gently clean the scar and surrounding skin.

Thoroughly dry the area before applying Scartreat

With a pair of scissors, cut the sheet to the size of the scar  – allowing a little overlap all the way round. Store the gel sheet in a dry place

Remove the printed plastic sheet to revel the adhesive

Apply Scartreat, adhesive side down, to the scarred area without  stretching the strip.

If your scar is in an awkward position you may wish to use a light bandage or tape to keep Scartreat in position

Do not held the gel sheet too tightly to the skin as this may cause irritation of the scar and surrounding area

It should be applied to the scar for 4 hours on the first two days of use.

The application time should then be increased by 2 hours a day to enable your skin to get used to the gel strip



Hypertrophic scars

Scars due to burns, surgery and caeserean sections

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