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ECG Electrode – Easytrode

ECG-Electrode – Easytrode

An ECG Electrode is used to capture the pattern of heart-beat to diagnose the health of the heart. These electrodes are applied on the skin. They detect the electrical activity of the heart and display the waves on a monitor or print them out on a chart paper. Disposable ECG Electrodes are single-use and hygienic. Hence they have largely replaced the old bulb-type electrodes.


Features of Easytrode ECG Electrode
  1. With foam backing which is impervious to fluids
  2. With Ag/AgCl  (Silver / Silver Chloride) electrode for excellent electrical transmission
  3. US-FDA approved skin-friendly adhesive
  4. Meets ANSI AAMI EC 12:2000 standards
  5. Available in both Solid Gel and Liquid Gel variants
  6. Available in many shapes (round, rectangular etc)
  7. Convenient peeling off feature
  8. Latex-free
  9. Connects to alligator clip or standard connector lead-wire
  10. Available in strips of 5; 50 in a pouch


Easytrode ECG Electrode is suitable for the following uses:

1. Diagnosis
i.   Resting ECG
ii.  Stress test
iii  Holter ECG
2. Monitoring
i.    In ICU
ii.    In operation theatres


Easytrode has CE mark and is also FDA registered.


Storage of ECG Electrodes

The gel should be fresh and moist to get accurate readings. Therefore:

  • Avoid storing the electrodes in warm areas
  • Open the pouch just before use
  • Store the opened pouch in a ziploc bag to avoid drying out of the gel


Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Your doctor is the person best qualified to advise you on the right product for your specific condition.