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Pneumatic Walker – EasyCast

Pneumatic walkers like “EasyCast” have been proposed as alternatives to casting for lower limb immobilization following injury or surgery. Apart from providing complete immobilisation they also provides a natural walking pattern which is supposed to decrease the rehabilitation time.In recent years foot and ankle fracture, sprains and strains ,which require lower limb immobilisation, have become so common a concern that patients have started seeking a more user friendly option instead of compromising on mobility and freedom of movement.

Many elite sports persons, business men and celebrities have been using Pneumatic Walkers to speed up their recovery and to prevent them from being bed-ridden for many weeks.

Pneumatic Walker – EasyCast

Features and benefits of EasyCast pneumatic walker:
  • Light weight and durable shell: Provides maximum protection and support
  • Velcro straps: For easy application and removal
  • Generous foot base: Ample room for dressing without sacrificing comfort
  • Non-skid rocker sole: Helps in pressure offloading and promotes a natural gait
  • Collateral air cells: Provides total contact fit; Offers pneumatic compression which will reduce oedema and prevent callus formation
  • Easy to use hand bulb: Allows custom inflation thereby providing desired compression level and accommodates for swollen ankle
  • Detachable soft cushions: Ensure proper fit along with compression for enhanced stability


Indented use of the device:
  • Following foot or ankle surgery
  • Sprained ankle
  • Stable ankle and foot fracture
  • Metatarsal fracture
  • Joint injury
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Forefoot and midfoot injury
  • Oedema control
  • Bunionectomy


Available in 11″ and 17″ height


Size  Shoe size – Men (US)       Shoe size – Women (US)
Small 4-7 5-8
Medium 7-10 8-11
Large 10-13 11-15
X-Large 13-15 15-17


Instructions to wear:
  1. Unfasten the straps in the front, remove front panel and open the foam liner
  2. In a seating posture, place the foot in the foam liner and wrap it around the leg preventing the possibility of wrinkle formation
  3. Place the front panel, back on the brace and securely fasten the velcro straps from bottom to top. Ensure it is snug fit and comfortable
  4. Insert the tip of the air bulb marked “IN” into the inbuilt air valves on either sides of the brace and inflate by gently squeezing it
  5. Begin with the valve on the medial side and then the lateral side
  6. Do not over-infalte the air cells. Inflate until the brace is comfortable and snug fit
  7. To deflate the air-cells insert the tip of the air bulb marked “OUT” into the valve and gently squeeze
  8. Higher pressure gives more support while walking, lower pressure is more comfortable while sitting or reclining


For more details visit “http://www.pneumaticwalker.in/”


Disclaimer: The information provided in this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Your doctor is the person best  qualified to advise you on the right products for your specific condition