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Silicone Insole – Silicare

Silicare Insole (Removable) – Silicare


Silicare Silicone Insoles are made in India using German machinery and raw materials to give you a  world-class product at an affordable price. Cheaper competitor products are made from industrial silicone (which is not bio-compatible) or gels (which have less shock absorption).

Silicone is a man-made product. It is manufactured from sand (silica) and oxygen. Due to its purity, it is a preferred component in the medical industry. It is resistant to extreme pressures and temperatures.

Purpose of using a Silicone Insole

When we walk, the heel and the ball of the foot hits the ground in each step. This transmits a shock from ground through the heel, up the knee and hip and to the back. Over time, this may result in heel pain, knee pain and back pain. Pain in the ball of the foot may also result due to bone abnormalities, flat feet or hammer toes.

The foot has a natural fat layer to help cushion it from the shock of walking. But as we age, this fat pad atrophies (i.e thins out) and is not able to fully prevent the shock from being transmitted up the body. Wearing a Silicone Insole helps to absorb the shock on the Heel and Metatarsal regions. It also helps to maintain the arch of the foot.

Features of Silicare Silicone Insole
  • Made from non-implantable medical grade silicone.
  • Absorbs shock during walking (thereby preventing it from being transmitted back up the body)
  • Blue soft silicone areas at heel and metatarsal region for improved shock absorption
  • Does not absorb sweat or water
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Can bear sustained pressure (due to walking) for a long time without being deformed
  • Biocompatible i.e does not cause any skin allergies
  • Does not support growth of micro-organisms
  • Odorless
  • Can be worn inside regular shoes
  • Can be removed and transferred between shoes


The Silicone Insole is available in 2 variants:

1. Silicare Silicone Insole – Blue

Has soft blue pads at the heel and metatarsal areas for additional cushioning effect. This product is for normal walking only and should NOT be used during jogging, running and sporting activities.

2. Silicare Silicone Insole – Plain

Does not have the soft blue segments. This product is recommended for use during jogging, running and sporting activities.

Indications for use of Silicare Silicone Insole – Removable
  • Pathologies of foot resulting from altered bony configuration
  • Metatarsalgia with heel spur
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Tired and weak foot
  • Joint, Arch & Back pain


Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Your doctor is the person best qualified to advise you on the right product for your specific condition.