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Elastic Adhesive Bandage – Top-o-plast

Elastic Adhesive Bandage – Top-o-plast

Features of Top-o-plast Elastic Adhesive Bandage
  • Longer lasting adhesion
  • Stretches with body movements
  • Has pores for air circulation


Indications for Use of Elastic Adhesive Bandage

1. Surgical conditions : Cardio thoracic surgery, Angiogram , Abdominal Surgery
2. Gynaecological conditions : Caesarian, Hysterectomy
3. Orthopaedic conditions : Post dislocations and distortion, Correction of deformities and posture in children.
4. General conditions :Keeping the drain in place, securing dressing


Top-o-plast is available in the following sizes
  • Widths: 8 cm and 10 cm
  • Stretched lengths: 1m and 4m


Disclaimer: The information provided in this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Your doctor is the person best  qualified to advise you on the right products for your specific condition