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Glossary of Medical Terms

ACL: – Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Anterior:- the front aspect of the body in the anatomical position.
Cartilage:- soft cushion likematerial at end of the bones to avoid friction.
Dislocation:- out of joint eg. Patella dislocation
Distal:- away from the centre of the body.
Effusion:- swelling
Femur:- Thigh bone
Haemarthrosis:- bleeding in to the joint
Interference Screw:- fixation device for ACL graft
Lateral:- outer side
LCL:- Lateral Collateral Ligament
MCL:- Medial collateral ligament
Medial:- Inner side
Meniscus:- shock absorbing tissue on the top of Tibia bone.
MRI:- Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Patella:- Knee cap
Patellofemoral Joint:- Joint between Patella and Femur
PCL:- Posterior Cruciate Ligament
PKR:- Partial Knee Replacement
Posterior:- behind
Popliteal Fossa:- the back part of the knee joint
Quadriceps muscle:- Thigh muscle
Retropatellar:- behind the knee cap
ROM:- range of movement (or range of motion)
SLR:- straight leg raise
Subluxation:- partial movement eg:- Patella subluxation
Synovial Fluid:- joint fluid for lubrication
Tendinitis:- inflammation of the tendon
Tendinosis:- chronic tendon injury
Trochlea:- the joint space at the front of the femur
TKR:- total knee replacement
Tibia:- shin bone
UKR:- unicondylar knee replacement (same as partial knee replacement)
Varus:- inward angulation of the knee joint
Valgus:- outward angulation of the knee joint

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