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Axillary Crutches – Rehaid
Axillary Crutches are used to transfer load from the legs to the upper body in case of patients who have a leg injury.

WikiHow has an excellent explanation on how to use Axillary Crutches here 

Features of Rehaid Axillary Crutches

1. Made of anodised aluminium hence is light-weight
2. Moulded Axillary pad for better comfort and cushioning
3. Adjustable hand grip
4. Suction rubber tip for better grip on any surface
5. Telescopic height adjustment based on patient height


Indications for use of Rehaid Axillary Crutches

1. Patients with shortening of a limb
2. For temporary ambulation with plaster cast
3. For patients using orthotic aid on lower limb
4. For amputees in their stages of gait training
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